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Our SEO Company aims to provide comprehensive SEO services (search engine optimization services) that exceed our clients’ digital marketing objectives.

Our Approach

Our SEO Company strategies are not one-size-fits-all; they are crafted to address the specific needs and challenges of businesses in the New England region.

Our Values

Transparency, communication, and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of our SEO Company; Big Head SEO. We believe in conducting business ethically, prioritizing your goals.

Our Mission

At Big Head SEO, our mission is to empower contractors and small businesses with the tools and strategies they need to dominate their local markets online.
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Put Our BIG HEADS to work for you!

BIg Head SEO serves Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Main & Even New York.

Local Keyword Research

Local keyword research is essential to find the most pertinent terms for your business. We fine-tune your website to align with the specific phrases your local audience is actively searching for.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing your On-Page SEO factors entails adjusting elements on your website like meta tags, headers, content and more to resonate with search.

Google Business Profile

Optimizing your Google Business Profile with accurate information, compelling descriptions, and high-quality visuals to enhance visibility in local map searches.

Local Link Building

Smart and top-notch local and SEO backlinks are key to elevating your website’s authority within the local community and proximity. Pivotal in influencing local SEO ranking algorithms.

Online Reviews Management

Tactics that promote favorable reviews & watching your online reputation are vital steps in cultivating trust with customers and enhancing your standings in local.

Local Citations Management

Big Head SEO actively oversees the precision of business details across online directories and citation platforms. This is a crucial element of local seo.

Mobile Optimization

Making sure your website is optimized for mobile devices is essential, considering the ever-increasing number of users performing local searches on their mobile devices.

Local Content Creation

Crafting content that is both localized and captivating, connecting with your local audience on a personal level. This solidifies your business authority online.

SEO Analytics & Reporting

Utilizing analytic tools to monitor your local SEO endeavors, offering valuable insights into user behavior, keyword rankings, and other essential metrics.

Flexible & affordable

SEO Company | Big Head SEO

Choose the plan that suits your goals – whether it’s SEO or Non-SEO – and let us propel your brand to unprecedented heights, shaping a digital presence that resonates with success.

Custom Gold

Non-SEO Package / One Time
Custom Solutions For Your Business:
-Audit of online presence
-Audit of online reputation
-Competition Analysis
-Website Audit
-Google Business Profile Audit
-Citation/Business Listing Audit
-Social Media Audit
-Content Audit
-WordPress CMS
-Responsive Design
-Mobile First Design-User-Friendly Navigation
-SEO “Ready” | No Optimization
-SSL Certificate
-Submit to Search Console
-SetUp & Submit URLs/Sitemaps

Google Business Profile:
-Complete Listing

-Claim Listing
-Verify Listing
-Accurate Business Information
-No Optimization

Citation/Business Listing:
-NAP (Name/Address/Phone)
-25+ listings
-Industry, Local, Business

Social Media Creation:
-Profile Setup Major Platforms (15)

-No Optimization
-No Content

Basic Schema Optimization
-Basic schema 2-3 types

SEO Platinum

SEO Package / One Time
SEO Optimized Custom Solution:
-SEO Optimization Audit
-Online Presence Audit
-Reputation Audit
-Competition Analysis
-Website Audit
-Google Business Profile Audit
-Citation/Business Listing Audit
-Social Media Audit
-Content Audit

Keyword Research:
-Identify Keyword Targets
-Identify Geographical Targets

Website Development:
-WordPress CMS
-Responsive Design
-Mobile First Design
-User-Friendly Navigation
-SSL Certificate

Initial SEO Coverage:
-Local or National SEO
-On-Page Optimization
-Off-Page Strategies
-Technical SEO Implementation

Link-Building Strategy:
-Initial Link package provided

Google Business Profile SEO:
-Local SEO Strategies
-Accurate Business Information

Citation/Business Listing:
-NAP (Name/Address/Phone)
-40+ listings
-Industry, Local, Business

Social Media Creation:
-Profile Setup on Major Platforms (6)
-Initial Content Rollout
-Interlink with Syndication
-Syndicate blog content from website

Google Drive Stack Creation:
-Organized Folder Structure
-File Optimization for SEO

Content Strategy:
-Content Strategy Implementation
-Initial content package across site and social media

Reputation Management:
-Monitor & Immersive Approach

Full Schema SEO
-All possible platforms injected with seo’d schema

Monthly SEO

SEO Package / Monthly
SEO Optimized Custom Solution.
SEO Monthly Maintenance:
-Ongoing Keyword Analysis
-Continuous SEO Audits for Algorithm Changes
-Iterative Technical SEO Optimization
-Advanced schema seo injection on all possible platforms
-Ongoing on-page, off-page, technical
-Address analytics such as CTR, Bounce, Heat Maps, Trends & Patterns
-Domain Authority Boosting

Content Refresh and Creation:
-Monthly Content Calendar Planning

-Topical Content Strategy
-Creation of New Blog Posts or Articles
-Regular Refreshing and -Updating of Existing Content
-Full Article SEO & Schema.
-Internal Linking For SEO
-Content creation, optimization & syndication for website blog, social media, rss, citations, SEO & Interlinking

Backlink Monitoring and Management:
-Regular Audits and Analysis of Backlinks

-Proactive Building of New, High-Quality Backlinks
-Timely Disavowal of Harmful Backlinks if Needed
-Ongoing Backlink outreach

Website Updates and Continued Optimization:
-Regular Review and Enhancement of Website Structure

-Implementation of Technical Improvements
-Ongoing Optimization for User Experience

Social Media Management:
-Daily Monitoring and Engagement

-Consistent Content Posting and Scheduling
-Strategic Growth Planning for Social Channels

Google Business Profile Maintenance:
-Regular Updates of Business Information

-Active Review Management and Responses
-Optimization Strategies for Local Search

Monthly Reporting:
-Detailed Analytics and Performance Reports

-Strategy Adjustments Based on Data Insights
-Consultation and Review Meetings

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